Metal Detecting Germany - WW2 Relics Grown Into Tree

WW2 Relics Grown Into Tree
WW2 Relic Found Growing Into a Tree

Metal Detecting Germany

Today I'm in Germany hunting for WW2 relics with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector.  The area I'm in was once a WW2 battlefield.  The Soviet Red Army had pushed the Germans out of Poland, into East Germany and eventually to Berlin where the war came to a head.  

ww2 metal detecting germany

I have hunted this area before but never with such success.  I first scour the forest for signs of the war, trenches, bunkers, and even WW2 relics that have grown into the trees.  The forest is just littered with live ammo, shell casings, and other amazing finds.

tag der arbeit

Here you can see I found some very personal items, a German helmet, bayonet, and badge.  The forest floor is moss covered sand which makes for easy digging.   As I recover these items though, I am aware of the horror that must have taken place here during the deadliest war in history. 

ww2 german helmet

It never ceases to amaze me how much evidence of the war is actually here.  I often find relics just on the surface or as mentioned early, grown into the trees.  From what the neighbors have told me, the forest has been de-bombed which gives me great relief, not so much for my own safety but rather for the innocent Germans who often pick wild edible mushrooms here.  The risk to my own safety is also a concern, however.  I dig carefully and proceed with caution as I am aware of the danger, I did find once a live Soviet F1 grenade after all.  Needless to say, my lovely wife is not so fond of my hobby.

I have spent a few weeks a year for the past few years detecting here in Germany, and so far, with the exception of the live grenade, I have felt relatively safe, although, since gaining more experience with my detector, I have decided to steer away from the WW2 relics and have begun searching for older coins and treasures.  This year I found a Dutch Gold Coin c1758 which was a pure rush.  There is something about this hobby, once you pick it up it is hard to put down again as the thrill of finding the next great treasure is ever present.

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