Medieval Times Torture Chamber - Loket Castle

Loket Castle, Czech Republic

Loket Castle

Loket castle is a gothic style 12th-century castle.  I have come today to visit the dungeon where I can view all types of medieval torture devices.

Torture Chamber

medieval times torture chamber
The Rack

The rack, a human stretching device, imagine the sound of joints popping out of there sockets.  In addition to the unimaginable pain of being stretched to pieces, the victim was often poked and prodded with hot pokers and other tools.

medieval torture Iron Maiden
The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden, a coffin-like device, the inside lined with spikes that were just long enough to pierce the skin, not long enough to puncture vital organs.  The intent was torture, not death

medieval times torture devices
Red Hot Poker

Medieval torture devices varied greatly in their complexity.  Some were as simple as the ol' red-hot poker and others, like the breaking wheel seen below, were meant to torture and then display the victim to an eager crowd in the town square.

the breaking wheel
The Breaking Wheel

The breaking wheel was a brutal device.  The victim's limbs were smashed and twisted into the spokes of a wagon wheel-like structure.  Once the victim was weaved in tight, they would be hosted atop a pole and spun around for eager townspeople to gawk at.

iron mask
Iron Mask

This silly mask was worn by women who gossip too much.  Torture by humiliation.

medieval times torture
Arm & Leg Restraints

Waiting to be tortured was torture itself.  Victims were often starved, beaten, and made to watch others being tortured.  No mercy.

medeival torture methods


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