Dirt Fishing Silver - Massive Coin Spill

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Dirt fishing is a game of patience and persistence.  Finding metal with a metal detector is easy, finding a place to metal detect where you might actually turn up something interesting is a whole different story.  I imagine many detectorists give up after a short time, finding only pull tabs and clad coins.  If you want to find silver, you have to go to where the silver is.  This video is a great example of what a good permission can offer.  

Though finding a coin spill like this is rare, finding silver coins on a good permission is quite common.  Homes that pre-date 1950 are the permissions you should be after.  Most cities and towns have an "old town" where the older buildings and homes are grouped together.  Often times when I get one permission, it leads to another just by talking and asking questions.  If you find someone who has lived in the area for a long time they will know who bought which house when and how the neighborhood l…

Metal Detecting Germany - WW2 Relics Grown Into Tree

Metal Detecting Germany
Today I'm in Germany hunting for WW2 relics with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector.  The area I'm in was once a WW2 battlefield.  The Soviet Red Army had pushed the Germans out of Poland, into East Germany and eventually to Berlin where the war came to a head.  

I have hunted this area before but never with such success.  I first scour the forest for signs of the war, trenches, bunkers, and even WW2 relics that have grown into the trees.  The forest is just littered with live ammo, shell casings, and other amazing finds.

Here you can see I found some very personal items, a German helmet, bayonet, and badge.  The forest floor is moss covered sand which makes for easy digging.   As I recover these items though, I am aware of the horror that must have taken place here during the deadliest war in history. 

It never ceases to amaze me how much evidence of the war is actually here.  I often find relics just on the surface or as mentioned early, grown into the tr…

Magnet Fishing Setup

What is the best setup for magnet fishing?
In this video tutorial, YouTuber  WW2 Wendal will demonstrate the best method for setting up your magnet fishing gear and discuss the best method of operation.  Remember, despite being a simple concept, magnet fishing can be very dangerous.  Never underestimate the power of your magnet, you could lose a finger!

Topics covered in this video tutorial:

LocationEquipmentTechniqueSetupOperationRules and Laws

Metal Detecting German Coins

I just spent 2 weeks metal detecting in Germany and turned up 3 amazing old German coins.  I generally hunt the WW2 trenches but this year I decided to turn off the iron setting and swing larger areas of the forest and the strategy paid off big time.  I am hunting with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector and my Garrett pin-pointing device.  Below are some photos of my finds.

#1 This first coin looks to be a German Reichsmark, I couldn't get a date as the coin is broken in half.  Notice the beautiful font that was used, very European.

#2  This next coin is an East German Phennig (1981) which was the currency of the time before the Berlin wall fell.   It is a thin, lightweight aluminum coin.  DDR (Deutsch Demokratische Republik).  

#3  The crown jewel of my trip, a 500 Mark from Germany dated 1923.  The denomination is 500 as it was minted during a time of hyperinflation from 1918-1924.  

Medieval Times Torture Chamber - Loket Castle

Loket Castle, Czech Republic
Loket castle is a gothic style 12th-century castle.  I have come today to visit the dungeon where I can view all types of medieval torture devices. Torture Chamber
The rack, a human stretching device, imagine the sound of joints popping out of there sockets.  In addition to the unimaginable pain of being stretched to pieces, the victim was often poked and prodded with hot pokers and other tools.

Medieval torture devices varied greatly in their complexity.  Some were as simple as the ol' red-hot poker and others, like the breaking wheel seen below, were meant to torture and then display the victim to an eager crowd in the town square.

The breaking wheel was a brutal device.  The victim's limbs were smashed and twisted into the spokes of a wagon wheel-like structure.  Once the victim was weaved in tight, they would be hosted atop a pole and spun around for eager townspeople to gawk at.

This silly mask was worn by women who gossip too much.  Torture by h…

WW2 Relics Grown Into Trees

WW2 relics are so abundant in Europe, they have been found grown into trees.  What was once a war between mankind has now become a war of man vs nature.  It's been over 70 years since the end of the deadliest war in history though it may be hundreds more before there isn't any trace left. WW2 Replicas for Sale:

From live artillery to soldiers helmets these relics scatter the forest floor just beneath the surface.  The amount of war debris is so substantial that sapling trees eventually began to sprout underneath, pushing them up and out of the ground, in some cases, they have begun to swallow them whole.
I have done my share of metal detecting and WW2 relic hunting in Germany over the last few years and I have never seen anything like this.  Often I find war relics just lying on the surface of the forest floor, and with my metal detector, I have found countless items just beneath the mossy surface.  On my next trip I will have to keep a keen eye for such occurrences.

War stuck in…

Abandoned Ships - Mysteries of the Sea

Abandoned ships have been a fascination of mine since I was just a young boy, probably due in part to my love of the film The Goonies.   As a kid, I would play in the forest of Vermont hunting for non-existent treasure and dreaming of underground layers and abandoned places.  Sure, I could just go to the mall and enjoy modern life, live in the now, but that just doesn't satisfy my sense of adventure.  

As we get older we start to lose our youth one piece at a time.  For some the hair goes first, others lose their mind, some just their car keys, but me, what I'm most afraid of losing is my sense of adventure.

Growing up in New England I remember standing in awe as the tall ships would pass through the mist along the rocky shores of the northern Atlantic.  What must it be like to discover a new place for the first time, leaving your loved ones behind and risking it all for the adventure of a lifetime? 

WW2 Relics - Metal Detecting in Germany

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Join me on one of my WW2 relic hunting adventures.   In this episode, I find a German helmet, Nazi porcelain and more!  Equipped with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector and my Garrett pinpointer I scour the mossy forest floor for remanence left behind from the deadliest war in history.

It's dangerous work and I must proceed with caution, I could turn up live artillery with every shovel.   Live bombs, grenades, and ammunition will be turned over to the proper disposal unit.  The sandy soil makes digging easy so I use my shovel as little as possible.  The mossy top can be peeled back by hand and relics can be sifted through my fingers.

It's wild mushroom season and many people are out in the forest looking to fill their baskets, I try to avoid people and keep a low profile with my metal detector.  I do not want to draw any unnecessary attention to myself.  It is mid-September and the weather is crisp, I ventu…

Abandoned Mansions - Virginia Plantation

Check out this abandoned mansion in Virginia.  Everything is so still and quiet, only the sound of footsteps and birds chirping.  I wonder who lived here, why was this amazing home abandoned?  I would certainly like to live here, and it doesn't even look in that bad of shape either.  Perhaps it is haunted, or there was a murder.  It must have looked amazing during its prime, spotless inside beautifully tended gardens outside.  Now it stands ominously atop the hill, keeping its secrets silenced.

Metal Detecting Florida - Garrett AT Pro

Here is a recent video of mine, Eric, the creator of this website.  I am a bit of a noob when it comes to metal detecting but I was hooked right from the start.  I've always wanted to metal detect but just never got around to doing so, until now.  About two years ago, while visiting my in-laws in Germany I realized the forest in the area was covered in WW2 foxholes which gave me the idea to buy a metal detector.  After finding some cool relics, a world war 2 helmet, hand grenade and other bits and pieces I decided to give it a try back home in the states.  I grew up in Vermont but currently live in Florida.  This video is a cut of me detecting two 1950 permissions that I got with a buddy of mine I met in a Facebook group.  I have yet to turn up my first silver, however, I have a trip planned to visit family up in Vermont soon and my Aunt owns a home built in the early 1900's so I'm pretty confident with my experience here in Florida I should do well.

The area I'm detect…