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ww2 relics found metal detecting in Germany

I recently took a trip to East Germany to do some WW2 relic hunting.   Equipped with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector and an old German Army shovel I borrowed from my Father in law I wandered the mossy forest looking for old Army foxholes.  The small town, about an hour east of Berlin, lies just on the border to Poland.  A peaceful town with a not so peaceful history.  This area was a hot spot during WW2 when the Nazi's were pushed out of Poland, across the eastern front of Germany and into Berlin.  Even without a metal detector, you can find evidence of war all over the area.


Metal Detecting WW2 Relics

Here are just some of the finds from my 4 day adventure.   Though the first 2 days were slow, I soon found a hot spot of trenches and began finding WW2 relics one after another.  Though a lot of it was trash and none of it was treasure, I thoroughly enjoyed digging up the past and holding in my hands small pieces of history that have been hidden underground for 70 years.

metal detecting east germany ww2 relicsww2 relics german militaria metal detecing germanyww2 ammunition found with metal detector in Germany

For this hunt I used my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector.  Though this is an entry level metal detector I found it to be quite accurate and once I learned all the functions I was able to move fairly quickly from signal to signal.   

German Militaria hand grenade

WW2 Relics - German Militaria

 Dirt fishing can be a very fun, fulfilling hobby but not everyone is so understanding.  Remeber to leave everything as you found it and to leave no trace of your presence. 


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