Magnet Fishing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Beginners Guide to Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is a great alternative to metal detecting for those who are on a budget or just want to try something new.  The technique is simple yet effective, attach a really strong magnet to a rope and toss it in any body of water.  As you pull in the line any metal objects within 4 inches of the magnet will attach themselves.   You never know what you might reel in, old coins, relics and other valuables.  

magnet fishing tips

Magnet Fishing Tips

# 1   Be careful!  These magnets are extremely powerful, you could lose a finger if you come too close to a heavy metal object with your finger in between. 

#2  Use strong rope and tie a good knot.   You never know what lies beneath the waters surface, if your magnet gets attached to something heavy like an old car you may lose it if you rope breaks or your knot comes untied.

#3  Location, Location, Location.   Just as it is with metal detecting location is everything.  Though every body of water is bound to have some metal, if you want to find something of value you need to fish a good spot.  People often lose rings, coins etc. when swimming so try to hit up some popular swimming holes (never toss your magnet around people)  

#4 Technique.  Magnet fishing is obviously quite simple but there are a few techniques for the different types of water you are searching.  If you are at a beach, lake or other large body of water you can just chuck it right out there.  As you reel it in walk parallel to the shoreline so you can sweep the magnet across the bottom.  When searching dams and wells or an area that has a lot of debris, dropping it straight down is the best method.  As the magnet sits on the bottom try to swirl it around and cover as much ground as you can before pulling it in.

#5 No Trespassing!  Out of respect for others please ask permission if you find a spot on private land.  People who magnet fish or metal detect on private property without permission make the whole community of hobbyist look bad.

#6  Code of Ethics.   I'm not sure if the magnet fishing community has an official code of ethics but you can follow this list of metal detecting COE.  Again, your actions reflect on those who come after you so please be respectful.

#7  Equipment.  The best part about magnet fishing is its simplicity.  All you need is a strong magnet and a rope......and maybe just a few other items.  Rugged work gloves are must, old rusty metal can be sharp an dangerous.  Bring a knife, just in case you get tangled up good.  Lastly, don't forget to bring a couple of bags, one for trash, one for treasure.

That's it, now get out there and get FISHIN'


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