WW2 Metal Detecting

dug up ww2 relics germany
I recently took a trip to East Germany to do some WW2 relic hunting.   Equipped with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector and an old German Army shovel......read more

ww2 metal detecting finds

Metal detecting in Europe is a relic hunters dream. In this video watch as these two detectorists discover an M40 WW2 German helmet, a K98 bayonet, and other fascinating pieces of history....read more 

dirt fishing - ww2 metal detecting videos
Deep in the forest of Germany, just beneath the forest floor, lies an undiscovered trove of war relics.  The days of WW2 have long since passed but the physical evidence remains..... read more

magnet fishing ww2 relics
Magnet fishing for WW2 relics.  magnet fishing can be a fun an inexpensive alternative to metal detecting.......read more


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