WW2 Relics - Metal Detecting in Germany

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Join me on one of my WW2 relic hunting adventures.   In this episode, I find a German helmet, Nazi porcelain and more!  Equipped with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector and my Garrett pinpointer I scour the mossy forest floor for remanence left behind from the deadliest war in history.

ww2 relics germany

It's dangerous work and I must proceed with caution, I could turn up live artillery with every shovel.   Live bombs, grenades, and ammunition will be turned over to the proper disposal unit.  The sandy soil makes digging easy so I use my shovel as little as possible.  The mossy top can be peeled back by hand and relics can be sifted through my fingers.

dirt fishing

It's wild mushroom season and many people are out in the forest looking to fill their baskets, I try to avoid people and keep a low profile with my metal detector.  I do not want to draw any unnecessary attention to myself.  It is mid-September and the weather is crisp, I venture out in a sweater, though it is warm enough to work in a t-shirt once I begin digging.

Metal detecting finds German helmet ww2 relics

The sounds of the tall pine trees squeaking and banging together in the autumn breeze stand the hair on the back of my neck, I feel an ominous presence.  I keep a keen ear for the sound of cars passing on the nearest road, this gives me a sense of safety.  I know my way around this forest well but getting turned around can happen in an instance if my guard is let down.  It is mid-day so I do not have to worry about the sun setting.  Once I wrap up and begin to head out I feel a sense of peace and start to realize the beauty and serene state of the forest that was once home to the deadliest war in history.


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