Magnet Fishing Setup

What is the best setup for magnet fishing?

Magnet Fishing Setup
In this video tutorial, YouTuber  WW2 Wendal will demonstrate the best method for setting up your magnet fishing gear and discuss the best method of operation.  Remember, despite being a simple concept, magnet fishing can be very dangerous.  Never underestimate the power of your magnet, you could lose a finger!

Topics covered in this video tutorial:

  1. Location
  2. Equipment
  3. Technique
  4. Setup
  5. Operation
  6. Rules and Laws


  1. Just starting magnet fishing. Thanks for the tutorial. Good Luck. Kev

  2. Those magnet setup come in a variety of sizes. The size of the rod all depends on two things. What you intend to cast, and what you intend to catch. wathose test

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