Metal Detecting German Coins

I just spent 2 weeks metal detecting in Germany and turned up 3 amazing old German coins.  I generally hunt the WW2 trenches but this year I decided to turn off the iron setting and swing larger areas of the forest and the strategy paid off big time.  I am hunting with my Garrett Ace 150 metal detector and my Garrett pin-pointing device.  Below are some photos of my finds.

#1 This first coin looks to be a German Reichsmark, I couldn't get a date as the coin is broken in half.  Notice the beautiful font that was used, very European.

Metal Detecting German Coins
German Reichsmark

#2  This next coin is an East German Phennig (1981) which was the currency of the time before the Berlin wall fell.   It is a thin, lightweight aluminum coin.  DDR (Deutsch Demokratische Republik).  

East German Phennig
1981 East German Phennig

#3  The crown jewel of my trip, a 500 Mark from Germany dated 1923.  The denomination is 500 as it was minted during a time of hyperinflation from 1918-1924.  
Metal Detecting Old German Coins
1923 Reichsmark 500 Mark

Wow, what an amazing trip.  2 and 1/2 coins!   
Dirt Fishing
Old German Coins


  1. For non-experienced person, need to have a Metal Detectorr for beginner and need some coaching from an experienced metal or treasure hunter to start with. Thanks for the good article.


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