Civil War Metal Detecting - Live Artillery

Civil War Metal Detecting:

When it comes to dirt fishing, the Eastern United States is a relic hunters dream.  Watch as these seasoned detectorists unearth some of the most important artifacts in American history.  In this video the team find a variety of civil war relics from buttons and bullets to a live artillery shell once again proving the old adage location, location, location.  Not every plot of land is going to offer such finds and hunting on historic battle grounds may be off limits.  Always make sure to have proper permission before heading out and be careful, digging up live artillery can be extremely dangerous.  If you are relic hunting in an area that may have unexploded bombs, mines and other explosives, please do so with great caution.  Dig slow and always hunt in groups of two or more.  If you do find anything that seems dangerous contact the proper authorities to report it.  In most cases the item will be taken and safely destroyed.  Some things are best left to the professionals.  In a recent trip to Germany I did some relic hunting in an area where the was heavy WW2 traffic.  After finding handfuls of live rounds and a live grenade I began to get a little nervous.  You can watch the video here >  WW2 Metal Detecting - Germany

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Civil War Relic Hunting - Live Artillery Found

civil war metal detecting

Remember to have permission prior to going out and to know your city and state metal detecting laws and always, I mean always follow the metal detectorists code of ethics.  Now get out there and get dirty.  Happy Hunting!  Have an epic find you'd like to share, leave your comments below and you could be featured on our website.

Thanks for watching and as always good luck and happy hunting. 

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