Underwater Metal Detecting Lake Tahoe

Underwater Metal Detecting Lake Tahoe

Imagine combing scuba diving and metal detecting.  If you are like me, fascinated with treasure hunting and adventure, this sounds like the ultimate hobby.  Watch what happens as Ed The Beach Hunter takes his metal detector to the bottom of beautiful Lake Tahoe in California.  Just the location itself is a treasure and the amount of clad to be found is remarkable.  Take a dive into this underwater dirt fishing adventure and see what treasures await.  Remeber, just because you aren't able to take such a dive doesn't mean you can't find a great location where you live.  Part of the thrill of hobby is researching and finding new and interesting locations to go treasure hunting.  No matter where you live or to where you travel there will always be history just waiting in the ground for someone to find.  I heard a statistic from a fellow metal detectorist that says there is more currency in the ground then there is in circulation.  Whether this is true or not it certainly give you the rush to go out and find some.  Don't be shy to ask permission to hunt private property, often times some of the best dirt fishing spots are on private property.  You can use your cell phones location setting to learn the address of a spot you might have your eye on an the county clerks office will provide you with the owners name and contact information.  A little research can go a long way, I have met many people who are happy to giver permission to hunt their property and even introduce me to others who will do the same.

Underwater Metal Detecting Lake Tahoe

Dirt Fishing Underwater - Lake Tahoe

underwater metal detectors

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