Metal Detecting WW2 German Helmet

ww2 Relic Hunting -Metal Detecting Germany

Metal detecting in Europe is a relic hunters dream. In this video watch as these two detectorists discover an M40 WW2 German helmet, a K98 bayonet, and other
fascinating pieces of history. 

Imagine the excitement of digging up these relics after more than 70 years buried underground and the story they have to tell.  WW2 was a massive war that spanned a 6 year period and claimed the lives of approximately 70 million people.  The amount of artillery and other militaria left behind is astounding and it is all just lying there waiting to be found.  

M40 WW2 German helmet

Here is what these relics look like after being cleaned up.  It really gives you a sense of how these soldiers lived, and died.  They carried with them nothing but the absolute essentials.  This is what makes metal detecting such an awesome hobby, being able to hold pieces of history in your hands that otherwise may have been lost forever.

Just imagine some soldier brushing his teeth while in the background sounds of enemy aircraft and gunfire.  If only these relics could speak, oh the stories they would tell.  Though some of these relics may be morbid I think it is important to discover the past and remember our history.

K98 bayonet

This bayonet is an amazing find.  During World War II The Germans used three different marking systems on the M1884/98 bayonets to identify the manufacturer: 

First was the Zahlencode (number code) used officially from 1925–1940 (e.g., S/155).

Then came commercial trademarks used between 1937–1940/41 (e.g., E u F. Horster).

Letter Codes (Buchstabencode) were used officially from 1940/41–1945.(e.g., cof)

The above photo is of a bayonet marked with a Buchstabencode or "Letter code"

I recently did some relic hunting in eastern Germany, you can watch some of those videos on my youtube channel: Schatzucher Metal Detecting

Thanks for watching and as always, good luck and happy hunting.  Stay Safe!


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