Metal Detecting in Snow; Berkshire Mountains MA

It's a cold December morning atop the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts but that doesn't stop these two detectorists from finding an 1800's coin purse
in the snow.  As you can see in the picture below all that is left is the metal clasp of the purse and a few scattered coins.

You will need a proper digging tool to hunt in the snow.   I personally recommend the Lesche Combo Kit which comes with both a shovel and hand trowel.  You should be able to dig a decent plug after a stretch of warmer spring weather.  I am not sure how the snow affects conductivity, though I imagine positively as my buddy is always going on about how we should hunt after a rainy day.  Waterproof gloves are essential as well as plenty of dry towels.  Knee pads or a mat to kneel on are also a good idea to keep from getting wet.

Metal Detecting in the Snow
Metal Detecting in the Snow

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Metal Detecting in the Winter

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