Urban Exploration, Abandoned Building Europe

Urban Exploration, Abandoned Building

When we first arrived at Maison Kirsch our presence was noticed by a neighbor. Thankfully, instead of chasing us away, the man who was an urban explorer himself, showed us a way inside.
 He warned us about the son of the former owner who lives right next door, so we moved carefully and quietly through the rooms.

Abandoned Places

With every step, the stairs and floorboards creaked. Almost everything was left behind, the cupboards are still full.

Spooky Abandoned Building

Along with the many documents, you can find clothing, preserved food, and many more fascinating relics from another time.

There are a lot of furnishings that you might see in an antique shop.

Abandoned Europe

It was dark everywhere...

Due to the lack of light, it was difficult to shoot and take photographs in the old house.

Maison Kirsch was built in 1791.  On the grounds, there is the main building with an adjacent shed and barn.

Back then it used to be a winery.  A variety of wine bottles and preserved fruits indicate that this is true.

It is said that the farmhouse was abandoned for around 50 years.

Around every corner of this house, there’s a new subject for a photo.  Maison Kirsch is really a great location for urban exploring.

Urban Exploration

Surrounded by residential houses this centuries-old building looks out of place.  It’s the only home in the proximity where the plaster on the walls is crumbling.  On the inside, it looks like the residents just left from one minute to the next.  Nearly everything is still there...Welcome to Maison Kirsch.

We had seen many places on our road trip such as a massive cooling tower and long underground tunnels..it was about time to explore some more abandoned residential houses and Maison Kirsch did not disappoint.


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