Abandoned Ships - Mysteries of the Sea

Abandoned ships have been a fascination of mine since I was just a young boy, probably due in part to my love of the film The Goonies.   As a kid, I would play in the forest of Vermont hunting for non-existent treasure and dreaming of underground layers and abandoned places.  Sure, I could just go to the mall and enjoy modern life, live in the now, but that just doesn't satisfy my sense of adventure.  

As we get older we start to lose our youth one piece at a time.  For some the hair goes first, others lose their mind, some just their car keys, but me, what I'm most afraid of losing is my sense of adventure.

Growing up in New England I remember standing in awe as the tall ships would pass through the mist along the rocky shores of the northern Atlantic.  What must it be like to discover a new place for the first time, leaving your loved ones behind and risking it all for the adventure of a lifetime? 

abandoned ships video


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