Hand Hammered Coins and Jewelry - Dubrovnik, Crotia

On a recent trip to the breathtaking city of Dubrovnik, Croatia I came across this old world craftsman hand hammering coins and jewelry.
 Since taking up the hobby of metal detecting I have been intent on finding my first hand hammered coin.  I spend a lot of time in Germany visiting in-laws so I have a unique opportunity in that the town I visit dates back to 1275.  I have done a lot of WW2 metal detecting in Germany but I now have my sights set further in the past. The idea that each coin is different and the labor that went into each one just fascinates me.

I can only image what it would be like to have permission to metal detect around the city of Dubrovnik.  From the city gardens to beneath the clear blue of the Mediterranean, there are coins and relics from the middle ages just strewn all over the landscape, I just know it.

Of course getting a permission in a mid-evil city seems nearly impossible so I'll settle for a street performer and a bowl of Mussels Buzara for lunch.

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