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Here is a recent video of mine, Eric, the creator of this website.  I am a bit of a noob when it comes to metal detecting but I was hooked right from the start.  I've always wanted to metal detect but just never got around to doing so, until now.  About two years ago, while visiting my in-laws in Germany I realized the forest in the area was covered in WW2 foxholes which gave me the idea to buy a metal detector.  After finding some cool relics, a world war 2 helmet, hand grenade and other bits and pieces I decided to give it a try back home in the states.  I grew up in Vermont but currently live in Florida.  This video is a cut of me detecting two 1950 permissions that I got with a buddy of mine I met in a Facebook group.  I have yet to turn up my first silver, however, I have a trip planned to visit family up in Vermont soon and my Aunt owns a home built in the early 1900's so I'm pretty confident with my experience here in Florida I should do well.

Metal detecting memes

The area I'm detecting in this video is in central Florida.  Both homes were built in 1950 so the chances of finding coins that pre-date the 1900's are slim, but hey, I had fun anyway.  Here are some photos of my finds:

Metal detecting permissions

This house was owned by a little old lady that lived alone.  I was really surprised she let me hunt her yard.  You just never know who is going to say yes (or no) when asking permission.

Metal detecting finds 2017

I did alright finding clad coins and a few wheat pennies.  The yellow house I hit twice and actually did better the second time.  It really does pay to work your permissions more than once.  No matter how thorough you are it is nearly impossible to find everything in one session. 

Wheat penny found metal detecting

I have a collection of wheaties from when I was a kid.  You used to be able to find them in circulation, but no longer.  I was happy to have these to add to my collection.  The Garrett pin-pointer really offers an advantage.

Garrett pin pointer

Matchbox cars are a common find.  I really enjoy imagining the history of the items I find.  Matchbox cars, and old jack, remember when not every toy needed a battery or a screen.

Metal detecting finds

No matter what experience level you are at, metal detecting (dirt fishing), is a fun and exciting hobby.  For those who say it isn't cool, you obviously have never tried it!

Wheat Penny


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