Dirt Fishing Oklahoma Ghost Town

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Here's another great example of how important location is when metal detecting. Research and planning are what separate the amateurs from the pros.

Know Before You Go!

If you are new to metal detecting and are tired of finding the same old junk and occasional coin, maybe it's time you put down your metal detector and head back to the drawing board.  Beaches and public parks are great places to practice and learn your machine but if you are ready to get serious about finding true treasure you need to brush up on the history of your area.

Dirt Fishing Oklahoma Ghost Town

While driving around keep your eyes peeled for older homes and buildings.  Try to imagine what the town looked like 100 years ago.   Disregard the modern structures and new dirt (land that has been filled in for construction or landscape purposes) and try to imagine how people lived before the age of technology, look for natural signs that show the age of the area you are in.  Perhaps there is a giant oak tree or old stone wall in a field.  These are the types of places you want to search.

Bodies of water can also be great locations.  People are naturally drawn to water, especially in the days before modern mass plumbing.  If you have a water poof device be sure to check the waters edge or behind big logs and stones that may catch debris as the current pushes it down stream.

Keep an out for old paths or trails that lead to these spots, not new highly used paths, rather the more subtle.  Perhaps there is an old road that is barley visible and highly overgrown with mature trees. 

Knowing a good dirt fishing spot is going to greatly increase your chances of finding those old coins and relics that we all dream of.  

Dirt Fishing Oklahoma Ghost Town

Dirt Fishing Old Coins

Don't forget to ask permission on private or state land and always follow the metal detecting code of ethics.


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