Metal Detectorists Coin Shooting Historic Property

Metal detectorists DrTones24k and crew do some dirt fishing on the property of this historic home built in 1878.   With permission from the property owner, these guys find some nice coins that others who have detected this land before must have missed.  This is a great example of why diligence is the key to successful treasure hunting.  I have experienced this before down here in Florida.  My buddy and I have searched the same permission 3 or 4 times and we still dig up coins.

Swing low and slow.
When swinging your detector remember to keep your coil close and parallel to the ground, you do not want to roll the coil upwards at the ends of each swing.  Before you start out you may want to grid off the property, at least in your mind, so you can be as thorough as possible.  The last thing you want to see is your buddy swinging over where you had just been and turn up a silver!

Asking permission to detect someone's land is also a key element of successful metal detecting.  Driving around knocking on doors is the best way to get permission.  Just be polite, friendly and explain that you will leave no trace of your activity and will remove and discard any trash you might find.  You may also have to make some type of agreement on who gets to keep anything of value that you might find.  Most people don't ask this but you might want to prepare an answer just in case it comes up.  Printing out a business card or liability release form also gives a more professional impression and may make the land owner feel more confident.  You only get one chance to ask so the first impression is everything.  If somebody says no, do not pry too much, just say thank you and goodbye.

As metal detectorists yourselves, what are some of your experiences when asking permissions?... good, bad, ugly?  We'd love to hear about it in the comments below:


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